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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

MidSommer Fest

We went to the Skandia MidSommer Fest on Sunday. It was held at St. Edward's Park. This playground is new, well, new since the last time we were there. We HAVE to go there later on this summer! It looks like it would be so much fun!

We went with Vasu and his parents. They posed in the cutouts. It was cute.

Lon and Daddy watch the dancers

Cool Dad!

Chasing Lon. Lon wanted to run around and see things, so off they went!

The centers of Norse power!

Cool Men

They provided a kid tent! They had coloring, badge making and some weaving that the kids could all do. Lon was most interested in the coloring.

Lon and a new friend explore the tent that they also set up in the kids area.

When they raised the kid's pole, they had the little ones do dances. Lon and I tried for a while to do the frog dance, but he was getting a tad cranky so we went back into the stroller and went to find Daddy! He was showing Uncle Vasu and his parents around St. Edwards.

Vasu's Mother was getting cold, I brought along a heavy sweater. She seemed to like it. They thought the sausages on the grill looked good, even if they were beef. (not that they would ever try one, but they looked nice)

Lon made another friend and they tossed a beanie baby up in the air and chased it around.

The other boy even let Lon throw it up in the air. He was very nice to our little guy.

Our cranky Viking. This was on our way out, Lon was asleep before we got to the highway. He had such a good day! Out in the sunshine, meeting new friends. He even met a doggie friend.

It was a fun day, it was good being with Vasu and his parents.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Lion Cakes

I wanted to get Lon's cake done for his birthday! Have it in the freezer and ready to go!

The raw materials...

The *big cake*

While I was playing with frosting, Lon was playing with the tips, putting them in the box, dumping them out. It was great fun!

A pride of Lions taking shape.

The entire pride.

Happy Little Lions.

The best part!! Lon got to sample some cake *shavings* with the tiny little bit of leftover frosting. I planned this frosting very well, I had almost none left over! The Lions are all resting now, preparing for their part in Lon's big day!

Mannequin Piss

That is the name of a statue in Brussels. It is said that the King's son got lost and when he was found the King wanted a statue made of him doing EXACTLY what he was doing when he was found. He was peeing. Thus, the statue was made of a little boy doing just that. Lon sort of looks like that with the hose.

Mark and I were pulling weeds, etc out in the front yard. Lon found his old pool and somehow he turned on the water.

Being inside the pool was fun, but running around with the hose is even more fun! Water, water everywhere!

Watering our car. That is what Lon calls it, Our Car.

Then over to Daddy's car.

Back into the pool. For a minute!

Pulling weeds with Dad.

Mommy turns around to pull weeds on the other side of the house and when I come back, the little man is enjoying a little bit of naked in the front yard!

More water into the little pool

washing Daddy's car is really fun.

Shortly after that we went inside and got warmed up. Lon took a very long nap on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Woodinville Farmer's Market

Saturday morning we got up and went over to the Woodinville farmer's market. It is still very small.

There were Hmong People with flowers. Those are always so beautiful.

There was also a bunny, a friendly bunny. Lon wanted nothing to do with the bunny.

Lon liked the cooper pipe lawn ornaments, sprinklers and trellis. I thought they were pretty too.

Friday Night Fun!

We went back to the Juanita Beach Friday Night Market. Getting better every week! They had about 20 booths this time.

oohhh Look at all the cool stuff!

Mom, Daddy is trying to tell me that beets are yummy.

Free samples of kettle corn. Yummy!

Let's go to the water!!!

Being near the water makes me want to dance!

Leaving the water does not make me want to dance. I have to be carried out!

Later on, Uncle Vasu came to visit! He and I read my Thomas the Tank Engine book! I was showing him the best parts.

I love Uncle Vasu!