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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016

Lon was unsure for a very long time if he was going to go out trick or treating, but in the end he decided to go.  He dressed up as a Marine in the costume Grandma got him last year, I did have to take in the waist.

Halloween, a Monday night, so there was homework. His mind really was not on writing the definitions for his social studies class.  They are studying Ancient Egypt. He got half of it done. I will wake him up early tomorrow morning to finish.

The yearly picture with the Great Pumpkin.  He is getting almost as tall as the pumpkin!

He is back at home with his candy haul. He is showing me, not one, but TWO full size 100 grand bars. Which happen to be my favorite.  I am sure he will share.

All lit up!  Those eyes work so well in this house!  I have lights on the tie downs for the Great Pumpkin so no one trips.

It was a fun Halloween.

We had 107 Trick or Treaters here

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