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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Coastal Carolina Fair

This morning we went to the fair! I had hoped for cooler weather, but it was 86 today. A beautiful day for the fair.
This is where the petting zoo was last year. No petting and no camels and elephants to ride.

The bunnies and the turtles had the best of the exhibit.  They had some lizards, an artic fox. One lone prairie dog, he was very very sad.

Tractor Supply had some fun things! Free pictures!

(I will get those scanned in as soon as I can)

Lassos! He actually really did get the lasso around the pig's snout!  The girls thought Lon was pretty good at it.  Maybe, but either way, it was fun.

walking around all the information booths.  This is one of the many religious ones.  The boys enjoyed looking at the model of Noah's ark.

The Palmetto Scholar's booth.  It was about the volcanos on Mars.

They put some liquid and powder in small vial and had Lon shake it up, then very quickly put it under the surface of *Mars*

A very tall volcanic blast!

Lon's only ride this time.

He loves to Kyak.  Since he was the only one out there he got to spend over  1/2 an hour on the water!

Lon only had three requests for the fair, lemonade, a corn dog and a funnel cake.  He got all three!

Walking though the food booths

Mark's only request was to get a smoked turkey leg!

Channel 4 had a booth to let kids do the weather. Lon was having a blast !

Goats! We still love goats even if we could not pet any other them this year!

Baby pigs! Piglets are so cute!!

a nice backdrop to take a fall picture

We had a great day at the fair.  So glad we went this year.

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