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Friday, October 14, 2016


Lon started telling me day before yesterday, at bed time, his eyes were bothering him. He was getting some headaches when he tried to focus.  He could not see the board, but it would get better, right?  Sorry my darling boy, I think you got your mom's eyes.  We will take you to the eye doctor just as soon as I can make an appointment.  Which we got today at 10:15.   I picked Lon up from school and off we went!  He was a little nervous, wondering how much an eye doctor was going to poke and prod.  His eye exams had been good enough at his well child visits he had never been to an eye doctor before!

He was having fun by the time the exam ended. These were the glasses they had him wear for the bright light test.

It seems, he really does need glasses. He is near sighted, with a slight astigmatism. Just like his mother.  Sorry, son.

He seems okay with it.

He is much happier about it than this picture shows.  He was not happy with the fact I told him he was going back to school, since it was not yet even noon.

He picked out these frames.  He wanted something small and stylish, and these were it!

Next week, once they arrive, it will be full time in glasses.

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