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Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Today Lon went to the party to get the prizes for his fundraiser. Thank you to all who helped him acheive his goals.  They put all the kids who sold more than 26 items in a hat and pulled them out to pick out a prize on the table.  Lon luckily was second to be picked.  The first person picked a set of speakers,  Lon wanted the quad copter drone, and he got it! He was SO excited about it .  He got his math done and checked than it was time to try out the drone!

Letting the quad copter warm up as he reads the directions.  Well, scan them a little anyway

Lift off! The thing actually works!

Going up!

Lon is having a ton of fun with this !

Getting a little trouble shooting help from Dad before dinner.

Tomorrow afternoon,  he will play with it again. He is so happy he was able to pick out the prize he really really wanted!

Thank you again to all those who supported him

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