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Friday, November 25, 2016

Mepkin Abbey Creche Festival 2016

This is our third year going to the Creche Festival. Every year they have different nativity sets out for us to see.  Some they have every year, like the ones of the monks, and some stay a year or so and move into storage.
The Abbey rounds are so beautiful

This year I got a peak at Abbey, the Mepkin Abbey's dog. We were asked very politely not to give her any cookies this year.

The landscaping is gorgeous. The colors this time of year!

 This is a gorgeous creche

This one reminds me of the creche we see at our church

 I love the expression on this camel!

The volunteer said that this was a 400 pound natural wreath. The volunteer said he does not stand underneath it.

Love this Joseph.  Carved from a peice of juniper wood.

He is from Peru.

A wise man from Africa

These wise men are wonderful.

This one was charming, from Portugal

From France

The volunteer told Lon there were 5 cats in this creche. He found them all.

So pretty

My favorite wise men! They made another apperance this year!

Our favorite permenant creche. Made out of recycled metals.

This sheep, we love this sheep

Can you spot the eagle?

A closer look at this mosiac. There is a tiny out of place owl.  How fun is that?

more of the grounds.  It is peacefully beautiful

This is a wonderful way to start the Christmas season. I am so glad we do this the day after Thanksgiving!

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