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Thursday, November 24, 2016


Lon got a peanut plant starter kit this past summer at the Tuskeegee Insititute.   He grew his tiny peanuts in the red yarn they provided in the kit until the plant was 4 inches tall. There were three plants to begin with but only one plant survived till it was 4 inches tall. Lon planted it in the backyard, near the raspberry bush.  We planted it late in the year, but we hoped for the best.  Yesterday, the plants leaves were starting to turn yellow. This is what he read, when the leaves start to yellow, time to harvest.

He was so thrlled ! There were peanuts!  Real peanuts!

Seperating the peanuts from the dirt

There was a little itty bitty peanut.

Lon has saved 6 peanuts to start in the early spring to see if he can keep growing peanuts.   He wants to get enough to roast and maybe make something yummy.

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