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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Tea with Mom

I bought two tickets for the Downton Abbey Tea at Time Well Spent. A local tearoom. I found my dress that I had made years ago from a 1918 pattern.   It still fit well.
We got the last parking space in front!  They had our names written down and checked them off before they lead us to our table.  It was all prepaid, so we did not have to mess around with that. I liked that part.
They had Downton Abbey playing without sound in the background.  The china was charmingly mismatched.
Each table was a different character from the show, ours was Lady Cora.

I snuck in a picture of our server.
We had dejarling tea. We started out with she crab soup, then little sandwiches. 16 courses of little sandwiches. They were small, two bites at the most.  All were very good.

Our final course was chocolate and a french macaroon.  A tiny cupcake, and an eclair.  Then they brought us a glass of champagne and a chocolate dipped strawberry.

I will see about when the next tea is. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

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