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Saturday, August 22, 2015

My FIFTIETH Birthday Party !

This Mommy has now had 50 trips around the sun!  It was so much fun to celebrate with everyone!

The flamingos will be gone late tonight but they were great all day today!

While I was getting my hair done this morning, the flowers my sister ordered for me arrived! They are gorgeous and they smell wonderful!  Thank you KK!

Everyone was having fun!

The kids were playing outside but it was too hot, so I put in a movie, Home, and they were all enjoying it!

Another party shot!

Singing Happy Birthday to Mark.  Everyone sang the song to me first.

Darling Miss Emma. She went to get a cupcake twice and was caught each time. The third time was the charm!   She got her cupcake. She ate each sprinkle one at a time.  Victory was sweet!

The boys LOVED the flamingos.Everyone thought they were great!

Mommy is in the blog! Wendy did a great job on my hair this morning! I love it !   It looks great

Thank you everyone for the great birthday!

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