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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Showing Off The Car

The car needs a name!
Tonight to celebrate we went to the Italian place near the pig.  It is called Summerville Italian Cucina. It is very good. I enjoyed my meal and so did Mark and Lon!   The portions are huge, so we have enough for a meal tomorrow too
Lon liked his pizza, Mark had Fruita di Marre. I had the veal parmesan. Everything was very fresh. She picked the basil for Lon's pizza from the out side garden!

After dinner we went over to see Uncle Chong and Auntie Michelle's new apartment, and to show off the car!

The kids were playing in the yard while the grownups looked at the car

Looking at the ambient light, watching it change colors.
It is pretty cool.

A beautiful sunset to end a wonderful day

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