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Monday, January 19, 2015

Spanndriods Qualifier

On the 17th we had the Dorchester Two Robotics qualifier for the State Championships.  

Lon showing me his Core Values production

Watching as his team competes in the robotic portion of the contest
Showing off his pins. Every team got some pins to trade. Lon had a great time doing that.
the view from my seat in the middle school bleachers.

Round three. Each of the teams got three shots at a great score!
Only the best score would be counted
After a lunch break, the kids got their participation certificates, and they paraded around the gym.  Then it was time for some dancing. Burning off some energy!
Group photo!
Conga Line!

The teams all had a great time, but after the dancing and pictures it was time to find out the winners.
Sadly, the Spanndroids will not be going to state.  I know Lon gave it his best effort.  He did have a great time this year and is looking forward to getting back on the team when they re group next fall.

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