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Monday, January 26, 2015

Showman Cub Scout Badge!

Tonight was a pack meeting. Lon's den was to do a marionette variety show.
Last minute help from Dad.
Somehow the marionettes got a a little twisted up, but they worked with it

Final Prep
Lon's marionette, but it is hard to see.  All the webelos were laughing, so they had a great time

taking a bow, sort of
Getting his awards, sort of.
They did not have time to hand them out so I got the packet after the meeting
Then it was ice cream time!!
Lon had been wanting mint chocolate chip ice cream for a long time.
And tonight he had some!
Looking over his achievements
Belt loops earned as a webelo and his webelo pins.
He earned pins of
Family, traveler, fitness, athlete, citizenship, scholar, geologist,  and handyman,
He earned beltloops for
basketball, soccer and I will have to go look them up and post the rest.

He is still having fun in cub scouts.

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