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Friday, January 30, 2015

Paddinngton- the Movie

On Wednesday, the 28th, we went to the movies. Lon had a half day, so we were not skipping school.  Mark had won tickets through his work.
One thing we learned, the sizes of popcorn and drinks are HUGE. Mediums are more soda than I can drink and the popcorn large is way way too big for us! I think next time we go, we will order one medium soda and a medium popcorn and split them!
The movie was adorable. A story of family, and who gets to be family, and revenge never really works out.  Hugh Bonneville was in it. I kept waiting for him to be Lord Grantham, but he was always Mr. Brown.  Mrs. Brown was delightfully played by Sally Hawkins.

goofy photo
The serious photo 

We both enjoyed the movie and it was very much worth seeing.  Adorable, light and fun. 

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