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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pinewood Derby!!

Today was the pinewood derby!   It started at 10 am, and we were there spot on time !
Last minute preparations, a little bit more powdered graphite!

Getting all the cars into the starting slots! Can you see Lon's car?

Lon came in first!

Another heat!
Lon came in first twice, second twice and then third once.  I think.
While we were waiting to see who would be advancing into the finals, the webelos sang us a song.
Calculating the finalists
Lon made it to the finals!! !!  There were 8 automatic spots,   Two top finishers from each den, tigers, wolves, bears and webelos.  Then there were 4 wildcard spots, based on fastest times!  Three wildcard spots went to bears, Lon got the fourth one!
Lon was so thrilled!
Watching the last 12 heats with Daddy!  The thrills!
Lon came in first, second , third and fifth.
Lon thought he was not going to be in the top finishers.He was very sad when they called 9 boys to the stage to give them certificates on being finalists.  He thought he was just getting to go home.
He made the TOP three!   Third overall for the entire pack!
We are so proud of him for doing all the work himself! He made it work.

Getting his trophy! It is a great trophy, custom made by a dad in the pack! The car fits on top of the trophy. What a cool idea!
Lon is so happy with his third place trophy! He is thrilled to have made it to the finals and actually place!!
They also got certificates. I am going to be getting a frame for his on Monday!

It was a great time at the pinewood derby!

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