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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Whirlin Waters!

Today, we had nothing planned.  It was going to be HOT.  Lon has been playing with the hose, so I thought we should try out Whirlin Waters again.  We got there at 10:20. There were already lots of people at the park! It opened at 10am. We got in on the two for Tuesday deal.  Love that !! I looked into getting a park pass, but we would have to go 5 more times in the next 6 weeks to make it work.
Lon was going to give everything a try today!
We started out on the lazy river.

Lon next went on the Rip Tide. You go down on your stomach and use your knees to help stop. Pretty much ruled out Mommy going. Lon went down three times before the line was so long , they were making people give up their pads so everyone could have a chance. Once you went down, you gave your pad to a person in line and then they went to the line for the ride.
As I was waiting for Lon, I spotted this little butterfly.
Last ride on the Rip Tide
Lon played here for a long while. He had so much fun climbing and getting drenched!
Running into the Big Kahuna !!
It is a nice pool, that once the alarms go off turns into a wave pool!  It is great fun.  Some people get inter tubes and that is fun, but by the time we got there they were all gone.
I put the camera away at this point so I could play in pool with Lon!
After we did one set of waves we decided it was time to go home, it was getting too crowded to be fun anymore. Lines were long, there were no tubes for any ride, even the lazy river. Time to go home!
It was very fun, I am glad we went this morning!  We left about 1:30

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