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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Back to the Aquarium

Today we thought would be a good day to go back to the Aquarium.  We wanted to see it when it was not as crowded as with the mermaids!
At the sign with the Albino Alligator! We got to see him too!
Feeding time in the tank!!
Cute boy!
Lon with the mascot!
Lon in the Eagles nest. They have to show the size!
In the temperate rain forest!
Sleeping River Otters!
6 little gators in a pond!
Lon's most favorite part! Feeding the sting rays!
We got 4 cups of food today.

They look like such happy critters!
We had to watch out for this blue heron, he is a shrimp thief!
Sea turtle!
Parting shot with the Yorktown.  Lon wants to go there again sometime soon.

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