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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Lon has wanted a pet since we moved.  We all agreed on getting hamsters. Lon did some research and decided he wanted the Robo Dwarf Hamster.  Two of them.
Today was the day we went to get them
Lon was so excited ! It was hard to wait for Daddy to get home so we could go!
He found the hamsters he wanted.  There were a lot of them there, in the pink hiding house.
Picking out the bedding. We decided on bedding with rose petals in it.
Going over the contract. They have a contract they have us sign, it says if anything goes wrong with the pet in 14 days we can bring it back.
Lon signed it and Daddy did too
Building the habitat together
The two little guys ready to go to the habitat!
We were told they were both girls
One of them exploring the new habitat. Lon does not want to call it a cage.
Happy Boys!
All the kids coming to look at the little hamsters
They are now under a blanket, chilling in their new habitat.
We are going to let them relax.
Lon is still over the moon that we actually said yes to hamsters

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Sherri Briggs said...

Lon looks really buzzed while picking out his new friends. That was a cool looking habitat you got there for the hamsters. Back when I had a hamster, we didn't have such awesome gizmos. I'm sure the kids will have tons of fun with playing with them. Kudos to you both for letting Lon have a pet. I hope everyone, including the pets, are in the best of health! Cheers!

Sherri Briggs @ The Pet Glider