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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Pine Wood Derby

Today was the big race! Lon was proud of his car, it had passed all the inspections.
All the boys were in uniform.  The track was a high tech piece of equipment! It was attached to the computer, so all the times were recorded instantly!
Lon was in the first heat, all the cars raced 6 times, in random computer generated order.  The track had 6 lanes, so each boy had a chance in each lane
Lon's car is loaded in the farthest lane from us
They went by so fast! Lon came in 3rd!
Mark and Lon rough housing. There were 90 cars to race. It took a while!
I was manning the baked good table. Telling the kids and their parents how much things were and what they were.  I made about 5 dozen peanut butter blossom cookies. I packed them two to a bag and they all sold! I was happy about that.
Mark helped when the pizzas arrived to keep the lines moving !
Lon raced all his races, but came in third or fourth in each one. He did not make the final 6 heats.  His overall times were good.
I think he just missed the final 6. He had a great day. It was fun. We all enjoyed it

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