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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Charleston Fire Museum

This morning was a Cub Scout event at the Charleston Fire Museum.  We had been wanting to go, and this was a wonderful opportunity !
Not sure what this computer was about, but the boys were all over it!
It was not long before our tour started. The guide was a lot of fun. He asked the boys questions to see if they were paying attention.  I am  happy to say, Lon was!
The oldest fire fighting vehicle in their collection. 1897. A hand pumper. There were special effects too. Behind him a fire breaks out in the upstairs window - a red flickering light. There is also some smoke, voices, and cheers when the fire gets put out! Lon thought that was pretty cool.
Telling the boys about the 1911 fire engine
Fire bell
Explaining fire safety. Stay low to the ground. Get out, do not go back in. EVER. If you are at the safe zone meeting place, stay there!  Then the boys got to try the rope to see if they could lift the 70 pounds of gear the fire fighters wear.  If they worked together, they could.
There was a movie about fire safety they watched before they were set free to explore on their own.
Lon spent some time at the displays. But we agreed this was worth coming back to with Dad. So we did not do everything there was to do. Looking forward to coming back!

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