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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blue and Gold Banquet

This afternoon was the Blue and Gold Banquet for cub scouts.  Lon was getting his wolf badge. Next year he starts working toward his Webelo badge. He will even have to get a new uniform!
Lon in his cub scout uniform! He never did grow into the shirt!
His finished Lion mask
The cakes made by Mr. Dusty's Mother.
She made one for each table
Waiting for the start of the ceremonies

Our fearless leader, Mrs. Crystal
After the flag ceremony, Lon's den was up to do their moving and grooving to the Lion Sleeps Tonight
They had to hold their masks to their faces, as they were a little too heavy to be just held up by elastic bands.
Lon doing the opera type parts
The skit was over, the tigers, and bears had their moving up ceremony. It was Lon's turn !
We were both paying attention to the story
Getting his badge.  Just like the last two years, we had to pin it upside down and keep it that way till he does a good deed, then I can sew it on.
Then it was time to eat, a nice pasta dinner. Lon opted not to have sauce
Then it was time to eat that yummy cake, and it was yummy!
Lon is now on his way to be webelo!

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