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Monday, February 17, 2014

Big Day Going to Georgia!

Today was another day off school. It was President's Day.  We had planned to get another Jr. Ranger badge up at Conagree. Well, since the trees are still being cleaned up from the storm, we learned it was about the same distance to Savannah. Fort Pulaski would be tons of fun on a nice sunny day!
It was a beautiful day, windy, but pretty!
We read all the signs on the way to the Visitor's Center.
Lon has his booklet and a sheet to fill out. At this Park you have to answer a page of questions to get the trading cards!  Some inside the visitor's center and some in the fort. It was fun!
Door detail
Inside the fort
Pointing out some names scratched into the bricks
beauty shot
Powder Magazine.
Checking out the inside of the fort
Beauty shot
Lon finishing up his booklet in the prison section.  They asked what three things Lon would want if he was in the prison.  Lon's answered, a crowbar, a boat and oars. Maybe some good food.
Another beauty shot
The trees inside the fort
Going back to the Visitor's Center
He really wanted to explore the tunnels
Getting his badge. Yes, we realized that we left his vest and hat at the house when we we got to the Fort.  Darn it.
It was time for lunch! We were hungry. We went down to Tybee Island to see what there was there.  Lon got the adult portion of fried fish and shrimp.  He ate all the hushpuppies first.
I was not all that impressed with the food, it was decent but not special.
Ta-da! Most of the food, except the fries. They were just frozen fries with some spices on them.  He was so happy to have eaten all the food!
Tybee Island Lighthouse!
Petting Miss Kitty. They have a sign up saying Miss Kitty might not like being petted, and to pet her at your own risk.   She warmed right up to Lon.  Even to the point of following him around the grounds
They are painting the lighthouse, so we could not go up!
The summer kitchen is a small museum. Lon liked all the stuff in there, except the rat's skull.  He did not like that.
There is a bigger museum, with the history of Tybee Island across the street that is included in the admission price.  There was a small room with some items from the amusement park that used to be on Tybee Island. It closed in 1996
The view of the light from the roof of  Fort Screvens, which is where the museum is located.  We also smelled some wonderful grilling seafood at the North Beach Grill. We  are going to try this one out next time we come down!
We needed to start back home!
This house looked so wonderful!
Exchange Park in Savannah. We could not stop to check it out in more detail, there will be a next time!
Crossing the bridge back to South Carolina!
We had just enough time to get a quick dinner before scouts ! The boys were practicing their skit for the Blue and Gold banquet next weekend!
Lon was a ham, and that is what they were looking for!
Since we got done early from Scouts, we went out for ice cream. We went to Dairy Queen since we wanted something small.
Lon got a small blizzard and I got a hot fudge sundae with peanuts. I love Peanut Buster Parfaits, but they are just too big!

Lon was asleep almost as soon as he got into bed. He started to read his new book about Casimir Pulaski, I think he made it to page two.

Back to School tomorrow, I hope!

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