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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nothing but Beauty Shots

In this blog, I will nothing but beauty shots of the Oregon Coast, no commentary and no people! Hope you enjoy!

One last thing
Please do not use these photos without my permission and credit. They are mine! Thank you

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A rainy day on the beach!

Today was a really awful, rainy day. The rain itself was not so bad, the wind was the worst!
You can see the wind pushing the waves sideways!   No one was out on the beach.
We spent the morning shopping! I got some great buys for summer clothes today. I am ever hopeful the weather will be better someday. Mark decided to rest in the hot tub and Lon and I went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. We thought we would go to the Hatfield Marine Science Center, but they were closed on tuesday and wednesday. Rats!  The aquarium was fun. One of the exhibits is art from beach trash. This giant fish is one of the trash art pieces. 

Another exhibit is Life in the Swamp. These gators would blink every so often, but otherwise they did not move a limb at all.  It was fascinating to me.  Lon wanted to be sure that the glass was thick enough to prevent them from coming any closer.
Under pacific waters. All the stuff that is just out of view from our hotel room.  Lon liked the kelp

The colors of this were so striking. The blue background, and the orangey colored jellyfish was so cool!

Tidal touch pool. Lon was not sure what he could touch, I explained to him that he could touch all of it. He was still not sure he wanted to touch some of it.

In front of the seals! The seals, otters and some birds are all outside. Outside in the cold rain. Perhaps I did not think that through too well.  We got soaked!  It was fun, but we were as wet as we would have been walking the beach!

A whale skeleton made from white plastics collected from the beach.

A hanging trash garden. I am still not sure what I think about this, it is beautiful what they did with it, but it is also sad that people leave that much trash out on the beach.
Otters! We watched the one otter play and the other one sort of just be in a curled up ball playing with his own tail
A view of the trashfish from the side

Lon wanted his picture taken in front of the stream. He had a good time at the aquarium, even though it was a short visit. We can stay longer the next time we come.  Daddy is not a fan of Aquariums, but we like them. Daddy had fun in the hot tub without us. He got to rest a bit too! Happy Family!
Lon and Daddy coloring together at Mo's. Mo's is a small chain up and down the coast.  It is an okay beach shack kind of place.  It is family friendly and that is key.

Lon having fun. He was such a good boy today. The camera did not pick up the rain pelting the window. 
Now it is time to pack up our beach life and get back to our routine at home. 
We are going to miss beach life.

A Driving Tour in the Rain

Today was not a beach day. Which was sad for Lon.  We did get up and take a walk on the beach before going to Pig n' Pancake! We did not find any glass floats. This is a dream of Marks. He so wants to find one of his own.
Pig N' Pancake! Lon had his sand dollar pancakes, Mark has banana pancakes and I got sourdough with strawberry compote. Everyone loved their breakfasts!  Lon likes the jokes on the back of the kids menu! What takes a pig to the hospital? A HAMbulance! hahahahahaaaa
A short drive down the coast is Depoe Bay. This boat is going out in the rough. I had absolutely no desire to go out on the water. Neither did Lon. (Mark either) Whale watching trips were a no-go!

Lon at Depoe Bay. We wanted to go into the Whale Watching Center, but they are closed till Wednesday. Better luck next time.

Lon and Daddy at Devil's Punchbowl. The surf was so loud! It was, as always, super cool to see!
Yaquina Lighthouse! We love lighthouses! We read there were tours available starting 1-4pm. We would have to come back. It was still about 10am. We did walk around and look at the visitor's center.  Lon played and colored.
Inside the visitor's center. There is a topographical map that fascinated Lon. But he was too short to see it all. Daddy to the rescue!

This was a great place we found because we were all hungry going down the road. Grand Central, in Waldport. Voted the best pizza on the coast by Oregon Coast Magazine. It was good pizza. I had halibut, and Mark had clams. Lon ate TWO slices of pizza.
Looking for whales at Cape Perpetua.  Lon had fun there. No whales to be seen. There was alot of fun things for little people to do there, games, puzzles.

Beauty shot (had to sneak one in)

We took the Captain Cook Trail, 3/4 of a mile. It was a nice easy paved trail. Lon wanted to RUN

At the beach on the Captain Cook Trail. We all thought it was best NOT to go down to look at the tidepools. Maybe if the tide was a bit lower...
To get from the Visitor's center up the hill, down to the beach, you have to cross Highway 101. It is in the middle of an S curve. We do not go over the road, we go under it! In a nice big culvert. It was very fun

I love Sushi Man in Seal Rocks.
Newport Candy in Newport has great ice cream and candy. Lon got Root Beer Float Ice Cream. He loved the flavor, it was new to him.
We went back to Yaquina Head to tour the light house. This is the view from the top! 104 stairs up!
The stairs going up!
Back in Depoe Bay. In front of a taffy store. We were good and did not get taffy, but it was really fun to watch the taffy being pulled and stretched, cut and wrapped.
In Depoe Bay. There were three seals playing, goofing off for the tourists!

Back in Lincoln City. We went to dinner at Lee's Chinese. Lon tried chopsticks
He got the food into his mouth! We have to work on form, but he is having a great time with chopsticks! After this we bought him some trainer chopsticks!
The birds at our balcony
Thus ends another day at Lincoln City! We loved it. Had a great day!