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Monday, March 31, 2008


This is one of the many chocolate covered Easter eggs that my Mother made this year. They are so yummy!

The Easter Bunny did indeed find Lon in California! There were all sorts of very fun things in the basket! A giggling bunny, sidewalk chalk, rubber duckies, and the Easter Bunny found M guys. Little M&M shaped holders filled with mini M&Ms. Lon wanted Mommy to find him some of the M guys, like they had for Valentines Day. Mommy looked everywhere but could not find them. That Easter Bunny is pretty special.

Look Daddy! It is my Easter Basket!

Giving Daddy a Peep for breakfast, yummy!

While Lon was still in his Easter finest, we went looking for eggs! The Easter Bunny left him eggs on the front lawn!

There were a dozen eggs!

There were even eggs in the trees! The cherry tree in the front was almost in full bloom.

Lon found all the eggs!

In the big eggs, there were Sesame Street guys! The six little eggs had a couple Jelly Bellys each.

Lon posed each of the six Sesame Street guys in front of his big chocolate bunny. I took pictures of each and every one! No, I am not going to include them all here.

Bunny Cakes are always wonderful, something I remember fondly and I think Lon will too!

Lon wanted to play with his chalk, so we changed out of his Easter finery and went and played on the driveway. Mommy wrote the Happy Easter. Lon helped me decorate it!

Lon drew the mountains above and the sea below.

Lon put on his overalls and hat to help Grandpa Andy on the tractor. Lon actually drove!

Is this the way you turn?

Farming is fun!

One last outfit change, we are waiting for our guests! I was too busy to take pictures after this....

Some pictures of our Easter feast!

Orange honey butter with orange peel roses

Yummy Pashka and Kulich. We had ambrosia, Easter egg bread, choreki, Russian mustard, fresh horseradish, fresh horseradish with beets. I ground the root at home and brought it down with me, while I was grinding it, with all the windows open. Lon was telling me to make it stop! Mommy please make it stop! It was very strong fresh horseradish! We had ham, but we did not make sausage this year. We had hard boiled eggs and hot cross buns. I think I got it all, but I may have forgotten 5 or 6 things. It was a feast!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saturday before Easter

Holy Saturday started out with 6 deer visiting the pasture. They were fun to watch munching grass. After lunch, we all went to Travis Airforce Base Museum.

Hey, Dad. What is that on the grass between the planes?

It's the Easter Bunny!! I knew he would find me in California! The Easter Bunny!!

These planes are very very cool! We also went into the museum, but since it was late afternoon, we were shooed out before I could look at everything.

When we got home, it was into the hot tub.

Look! I pressed the button and made it bubble!!

Come on in, the water is great!

ahhh, that California life...

I love my GiGi!

We had a really fun day. The evening we pulled out all the breads and good stuff for the next day.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Road Tripping with Lon

On Thursday, March 20, Lon and I got up with Daddy and drove him to work. After we got back to the house, we packed the car! We got some yummy treats to eat, and after we got everything done, the house locked up tight, the cats taken care of, it was time to go get Daddy! We picked him up at his job, and we were on our way to California! We spent the night in Roseburg. It is a nice place, what we saw of it. We got in after dark and left at dawn. Lon fell asleep about 15 minutes before we stopped for the night. Mark brought dinner back to the room, so we would not wake up Lon.

Driving toward Grant's Pass in the early morning light.

Yep, snow. I am glad we spent the night in Roseburg!

Welcome to Califonia!
Going up to Shasta Pass

Traveling Man. He was singing to us.

Shasta Pass. There was no snow! It was wonderful.

Happy Cows in California

After a change and a new set of clothes. The first thing Lon wanted to do was play! Outside with his GiGi.

After a long day of driving, and playing in the sun with his GiGi, he was tuckered out. It was nice to see the California house. Lots of open space and light.

Friday, March 28, 2008

California and Back Again

We are back from our Spring Vacation. We took two days to drive down to California, spent two days with family and then took 5 days to drive back up the coast. We stopped at almost every scenic turnout. If you have ever been to the Oregon Coast, you know they are about every 3 feet! We stopped at the attractions that were open. They are still gearing up for the season. I am downloading the 678 photos I took in the past week, getting them ready to blog. I will start that process as soon as I can! We had so much fun driving up! Lon is a great guy in the car. Even with out the DVD player. I am reluctant to get one of those for the car. We talked, we looked out the windows at trains, sheep, cows, goats and Llamas. He made up stories about his car toys, about the cows in the fields.
It was lots of fun, and now I am going to get to work on getting those photos organized!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What a Cool Gift!

Thank you, Grammalyn! Lon loves his carpet! It showed up on our doorstep yesterday afternoon. We came home from our errands, and there was a rolled up carpet in a blue plastic bag on our doorstep. Lon was SO thrilled, he asked me What is this? I told him it was a present for HIM and he could not get inside fast enough!

This is so cool! Thank you, Grammalyn! Lon is going to have hours of play with this toy.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter Quilt

WOW! The Easter quilt is done before Easter! I bought the kit 2 years ago at an after Easter sale... I am proud of my self for getting it done in less than two years.

It did not take me two years, it took about 3 days.

I was afraid that the bunny tails would become a washer full of fluff when I washed it, but they stayed together. Lon likes it! He told me this is to take to California.
Rocky seems to like it too. It was fun to make. Now that I am not on the computer all night long, I can get more things accomplished! I gave up Ebay for lent.....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easter Bunny Picture Preview!

On Tuesday, we went to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. Lon practiced telling the Easter Bunny we would be in California for Easter. He wants to be sure his chocolate will arrive at the correct address.

Hey, Mommy! I am looking good!

Now, I am looking just slightly goofy

This super goofy!

After this, I put one of my t-shirts over Lon and his fresh, clean, new outfit and off we went to run all our errands and the most important one, the mall. To see the Bunny.

Lon was very interested in the Bunny. He seemed to be interested enough that I did not have to put him back in the stroller right away, that I could pay the nice people who took the photos. Alas, no, in the middle of my signature, I turn around and Lon is half way down the mall running as fast as he can. YIPES. I of course drop the pen and go after him. Amazingly enough, people are getting out of Lon's way. HUH? A nice older lady, stopped our wayward boy, turned him around and asked him to run toward mommy. Thank you very much Nice Lady. I took him back to the bunny enclosure, strapped him in the stroller and finished paying. Whew! He is a good boy, just curious and fast!

A goofy Lon, after he got back in the stroller. I made sure I took off his happy new clothes. Soon after, the was covered in chocolate and a moose cookie.

Lon is so much fun. It is never dull!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Maha Raji Lon

Uncle Vasu has returned home from India. He is sad his bride won't be here till June. The time will go by fast.

Lon and I picked up Uncle Vasu from the airport. Flying from Mumbai is tough!
Once Uncle Vasu caught up on his sleep, he brought presents for Lon and I! VERY fun. We did gardening yesterday and I was not about to even touch this gorgeous outfit! I kept it in it's protective bag until this afternoon when we took pictures of Lon in his new outfit. An outfit definitely fit for a prince!

This is my princely pose.

I love my new Prince outfit. Thank you, Uncle Vasu!

Mommy's new shoes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE sparkley shoes. These are wonderful!

Sparkle detail. Aren't these the greatest shoes? Thank you, Vasu!