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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chocolate World

Lon was being SUCH a good boy! He was wonderful as Mommy dragged him around all over the place today. After BabyGym, we went to Pacific Fabrics to look for some backing for a baby quilt that is due in August. There was nothing there we wanted, okay, I take that back, there was some fabric I wanted but not enough to put on the back. When I talked to Mark he issued me a challenge that I could not go into the store to buy ONE bag of potato chips. There is a Safeway in the complex that has the fabric store, Lon and I walked over to the store and got ONE bag of potato chips. It is too hot to make fries to go with dinner. Then on the way back to the car we passed a Starbucks. Miss Lindsay had mentioned that she left the greatest little insulated cup in Africa. She said she would really like to get another one. Lon said we should get her one as a present. I thought an Arnold Palmer would be yummy, so we stopped. Lon saw a mini triple chocolate cake that looked like the best thing ever. We got one of those. Lon was very happy. He laughed and munched all the way to our next stop. I thought we should try the next fabric store at CrossRoads Mall. We looked at magazines, went to Joannes, again, the fabric store was a bust. Nothing there. We did get some Turkish salad to go with our lunch. On the way out we went by Cold Stone Creamery.
Lon saw something he wanted. Lon wanted it enough to SAY ice cream. Clearly.

How could I say no to such a good boy who used such clear english? Of course not! Yes, I got sprinkles too.

We sat outside and Lon finished his ice cream. Yes, he ate it ALL. Yes, it was chocolate!

Lon had excellent spoon control. Very little spillage. He was so happy!

Then we stopped at a new bakery they had, to get Daddy a treat for tomorrow morning. He mentioned he wanted a cinnamon roll the other morning and these LOOKED great! They also had tastes of double chocolate scones. Guess who LOVED it. I got one for Lon for breakfast tomorrow. To those of you out there who think all that chocolate would hype Lon up something fierce. Lon fell asleep about 15 minutes into our ride on the way home. He stayed asleep as I took him out of the car and put him in his own bed, where he still is 45 minutes later. Such good boy! He is being such a joy!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Greatest Blow-Up Pool in the World

My mother saw a pool in the catalog. It said allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. Well, she wanted Lon to have a great play pool for his birthday. It came in 6 days. It is the greatest blow up pool EVER! Today it was warm, tomorrow and at least till the end of the week, it is going to get HOTTER! We set it up today. I am so thrilled we also go the electric air pump. Without that, it would have taken years to blow up. This, of course, is not the coolest pool, this is last year's pool. Lon is wants to play in the water!! NOW! He does not realize that the pile of plastic on our dining room table is a pool.

okay, this looks promising, but flat.

Lon plays with the rings while the pool blows up. I blew up the rings myself, not with the pump. I did something!

Lon explores the pool, while dry.


We filled up the pool, had lunch went for a walk. Basically waiting for the water to warm up. However, this plan was foiled by the fact that where I put the pool was now in the shade. Rats, so we emptied the pool, had a Popsicle, and we started to refill it. This was FUN!

We had a bit of wind and the arch kept blowing off so I just took it off for now. The slide can also be removed, but the basketball hoop, palm trees and rings thingys can not. Which is good.

The frog attaches with Velcro to the side of the pool and the hose can be attached to him. He sprays water! Very fun! Without the hose it can just be a pool toy. Lon likes it as a pool toy. The water spray will be much appreciated the hotter it gets.

Another Popsicle!

Telling Daddy about the pool! SO COOL.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Lovely Day with Miss Lindsay

Wednesday we spent the day with Miss Lindsay. It was very nice.

Hey, you can put me on the chicken while Mom does stuff at the counter.

Hey, what are these?

These are what you make guacamole out of? Cool. Let's have some. Lon LOVES guacamole.

While Mom was making guacamole, Miss Lindsay and Lon went for a walk. Lon wanted to be in his car at first, then he wanted to push the car, so he did, all the way up the hill and back down again!

Lon worked up an a good appetite! He ate almost as much guacamole as Mom did! Such a good boy!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Building a Grill

On Saturday we went over to Gernot and Family's to help build their grill. Followed by a barbeque, provided the grill worked!

Uncle Chong points out one of the many nice features, a side burner!

The boys, Mark, Gernot, and Chong worked in the garage. Then they had to carry the grill to the back patio. It was easier carrying the finished grill than carrying that big heavy box -- and the box did not have wheels, the grill does.

A time out to make faces at Brian!

Meanwhile, inside, once Lon woke up from his car ride induced nap, he was playing cars with Maddy and Gracie. (Gracie is the one on the pink car)

The grill made it safely to the back and Chong and Gernot attach it to the gas.

Mark, Lon, Gracie and Meghan supervise the efforts.

Time to consult the manual, we smell gas, but there is no flame. Hmmm...

Lon helps figure out the problem of crossed connections.

Victoria came by a little later, and Lon got to play with her! Lon really likes Victoria! We were seeing who was taller.

I am not sure that they cared, they just like to play together.

Lon got to ride the pink car too! Lon really enjoyed playing with all the new toys. He ate some watermelon, would not eat the barbequed anything, and had some more chips and salsa. After a wonderful meal for the rest of us, we made our way home.

I was zoning out, and Mark pulled over, I looked up and so cool! A Doe and her two yearlings!

The mom deer leads the way back into the woods.

One last look goodbye!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thank You, Godmother Carol!

We got home from some errands, and there was a box! That is always fun, but what made it even more fun, it was from Godmother Carol. She went to Scotland and brought back some uniquely Scottish things for Lon! Three wonderful books and a tam. So nice.

We have looked through the books, and then there was the shortbread. The all butter super wonderful shortbread. It tells you on the front that each tiny little piece has 95 calories, so plan your diet accordingly. HA!

Lon first hugged his tam and then he put it on. He modeled it for a few minutes, then I took it off and put it in his room.

Lon had fun with his tam, and he loves his books. Mommy might give him some of the shortbread. Maybe.

Thank you so much for all the lovely gifts, Godmother Carol! We LOVE them!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Special Day with Special Friends!

On Mother's Day we got a phone call that the Johnsons had a long layover in Seattle! Well, we could not have them just hang out at the airport! Lon and went down and picked them up! We took them to Pike's Place Market. Mark met up with us there as he was putting in some overtime. Lon with Jenny, looking at fish. Fish can be fun.

David and Lon. We walked through the Market.

Of course, being Mother's Day we could not get into any place to sit and eat. Which turned out to be great! We got some piroshky at Pirosky Piroshky. Lon ate the Barvarian Suasage in pastry. I had chicken and rice. Super yummy stuff!

After our lunch al fresco, we walked along the waterfront.

Did some dancing with the Calliope in front of the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. They have fun stuff in there, and a real mummy from the old west. His name is Sylvester.

From there we walked down to Pioneer Square. Lon did alot of walking too! He was not always in his chariot!

In front of the Pergola.

Lon loved the balloons. We should have more balloons at the house. We had a s grand time until it was time to get the Johnsons back to the airport. Lon was asleep before we got onto the freeway. It was a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day!