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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Shuckin Shack

After church we decided to go out for lunch.   We heard about a new place downtown, it went in where the Italian place used to be. Alessandra's. Now is it is the Shuckin Shack.

 At first I thought it was just oysters, but it has other things

Dad was teasing Lon telling him they have corn dogs. Lon said, no, he was at a seafood place and he was going to have fried fish! Fried fish is the best!

We started off with calamari, which Lon did not try, then Lon had his fish, Mark has oysters and I had shrimp.
The food was good, and we will go back. I did not see a kids menu at lunch.  Lon ate most of his adult portion of fried flounder.
They only sad thing is that the only dessert they have is a moonshine cake.  Sounds yummy, but not for Lon

The squirrels around here have big ears!

While we were waiting for the check, Lon went to see if the train store was open, it was not. He came back saying he needed the camera since there was a really cool car parked near there. I let him have it and he brought back this image! That is a pretty cool car!

There was not much open on short central but we had a good time walking around

One of the bird sculptures around town. We love the hummingbirds on the fountain.

Nice afternoon in downtown Summerville.

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