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Monday, May 25, 2015

A Drive Around the County

Today we thought we should get out of the house for a drive!  Mark had seen some antique shops in Bonneau when he was coming back from camping.
on the way to St. Stephen, the next town up from  Bonneau. We went a little farther than we first thought

Another ice machine in the middle of nowhere! These must be a South Carolina thing

Downtown St. Stephen.  There were two second hand stores that were open.  We did go to both. Interesting items to be had.
There did not seem to be any other businesses in operation on the street.

Love the purple and white on the train warehouse!

We did not know there was a very old church in St. Stephen's! An Episcopal church built in the 1760s. We will go back and see it !

A restaurant only open on Friday and Saturdays. looks interesting.
We stopped in Bonneau, only one of the three second hand/antique places were open today. The others are open on Saturdays.  We will go back to those.  They look like fun!
As we were nearing Monck's Corner, a small voice said if we pass somewhere to eat we should stop.
 On the way up to St. Stephen's we saw the sign for Gilligan's on the Dock and mentioned we should stop there sometime.  That sometime just turned into now.
This is the best Gilligan's EVER.  We have been to the one in Goose Creek, it was good, we have been to the one in Ladson, and it was eh. This one really was good. Lon thought it odd that the kids menu had pizza and chicken fingers on it. Isn't this a seafood place? He had the popcorn shrimp and flounder, with fries. Mark had the Low Country stir fry, which is shrimp, sausage, cabbage and red rice. I had shrimp scampi.   They were out of chocolate cake.  darn it.

It was fun to see the boats go by!   Flags for Memorial Day even on boats!

A blue heron. Can you spot him flying by?
DRAMA!  But it was only a life jacket check. I am glad they do that!

He was as interested in us as we were in him.

Can you see him?

Okay, it might be a girl, but to me they are all big boys!

a little better, he was moving pretty fast

Moving out toward the middle. A boat came by and he went under, we did not spot him again.

I hope you were able to see the Alligator in the last three photos! Lon thinks his name should be Bob.  Bob the Gator.

We stopped by an antique shop in Monck's Corner.
Not sure I really have to caption this photo.

Driving down Black Tom Road. This is an alternative route to the pumpkin patch.  Pretty drive.

We had a wonderful time getting out of the house exploring more of the low country!

The day was capped off by treats from the ice cream man!

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