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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was a wonderful Mother's Day!

Lon brought me breakfast in bed!
He made this all mostly himself.
I ate every bit.
He got me the new whale's tail coffee mug with the puffin. I had never seen one with a puffin before.

He was so proud of himself

At Church this morning was the May Crowning. I love the Crowning of Mary.  One of my very favorite Church days!

We had lunch at Italy. It was good.

Lon got the chocolate mousse cake for dessert. I gave him a taste of my limoncello cake. He said he liked it better, so I gave him the last bite of mine.
The flowers Lon got for me from Church. We had the water bottle in the car, with a little water left in it.  We did take them into Italy,  but we did remember to bring them home.

We were having a nice relaxing afternoon.  Then I noticed some thing stuck in Scout's hind quarters.  He got a bath.

Everyone had a good Mother's day. Except Scout. He hates us now.

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