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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Graduation Camp Out 2015

This weekend was Lon's last Graduation Camp out. He will be crossing over into Boy Scouts in February!
These are the photos Mark took while camping.
Tent is all set up.

Getting ready for bed
Flag Raising

The human knot game. They all hold hands and try to get untangled.  They did that one twice. Lon said it was very fun

All untangled

Playing Chess.  With lots of help

lunch time

Fishing boy.  They went swimming in the pond before hand, but Mark did not get photos of that since he was swimming too.

At one of the two waterfalls

ta da!

Paddle boating, it was really fun, until they started taking on water. Made it for a real short trip
The big boys, Webelos 2, got to be in charge of the fire. They are lighting the fire here.

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