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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Sheep Shearing!

We found out today was a Sheep Shear at Middleton Place!   I thought it would be very fun to go see.
It is such a pretty place!
They did not use clippers, but shears, just like they would have back when Middleton was a working plantation.
Lon is not sure what to think about it. The sheep are not being hurt, but it takes longer to do it by hand.
Cleaned wool
Little bits of wool and wool blends to touch.
Talking to the spinners
Carding. Lon got to help with some of the carding. He learned what it was and why they did it.
Getting out the bits that were not wool and making the fibers long,
Our favorite Cashmere goats.  The one closest is the friendliest.  She loves to be petted.   She was resting her head on my arm while I scratched her side. Sweet girl goatie.
The lamb is happy knowing she is free from shearing this year. The ewe, not so much.
The little veggie garden. I think they use it for the restaurant.
The Bunny Hershey.
The Bunny Thumper is about to join Hershey.  Thumper let Lon pet her. She was very soft

How many alligators can you see in this picture? There are 6. One is behind the tree
Lon did not get much closer
Turtles are very kind and helpful. Even acting as pillows.
Not sure what bird this is. It is huge!

some more beauty shots

Looking for alligators at the other end of the rice pond. We did not spot on there. Lon did find a feather down the path. He talked to some people with name tags and they said he could keep it. Not sure where it came from, but it is a cool feather!

Next to the rice field, we saw this BIG boy!
They will be planting the rice field the weekend after Mother's Day!
Looking down toward the alligator. But not getting any closer.
Ringing the bell
We thought about having lunch there, but Lon said it was only 0kay so we should eat lunch at home
Saying hi to Jethro and Chloe. Neither one wanted to talk to us today
Petting a just sheared sheep.
Lon said he thought it might be fun to see this but he did not think it was going to be as fun as it was!
I am glad he had a good time, I did too!

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