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Friday, May 23, 2014

Reading Carnival

I got to volunteer at Lon's school today! So much fun!
They were doing something called a Reading Carnival.  The kids got to go play games for about an hour, the number of games they got to play depended on the number of words they read. Some kids got less, some  got more. I was in charge of the dice roll table for 2 hours.
Lon tossing the ball at the tin can angry bird pigs. He did knock them down!
Lon is in that crowd somewhere.
Lon was more thrilled than he looks. These are the giant foam dice I was in charge of.  Roll anything and get a prize, roll a twelve and get a coupon for another game in the Carnival

Lon showing off his loot.
He was having fun. Around his neck is the pass with all the games he earned on it. I had to cross off a game piece for everyone who came to the dice table
All too soon it was time to go back into class.

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