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Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's All Greek To Me!

Today we went to Charleston's Greek Fest!  It has been going strong for 44 years now!
Music, dancing, food!   All sorts of great things Greek!
One of the nice things, is that they had off site parking at the Joe Riley Stadium. The buses ran about every 5 minutes. That was free!
Parking can be tough !
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. It does have a center dome, you just can't see it in the photos.
I walked around a little while Mark got Lon something to eat and drink. They did not see me at first. I was in line to get a Gyro and baklava. Both were very nice.
Lon was done and left that table and his spot was taken up.  I found a table with a very nice lady who was willing to share her table. Mark and Lon joined me. Mark got the lamb dinner. I ate his olives and his roasted garlic.  It was very good food.
Mark talking to Lon about what is at the Festival.
We walked around the sales tents. Lots of pretty jewelry!
There was a Russian booth! Selling matrushka dolls, pecking chicken toys and a few lacquer boxes.
Pecking chicken toy!  I still think those are so much fun
Lon is having fun.
Yes, it was hot. In the low 90s. We made sure we all had plenty to drink.
The inside of the dome of Holy Trinity Church.  The Church was blessedly air conditioned.
We looked all through the church and talked to the priest for a few minutes.

Lon is in awe of the church. It was beautiful!
One of the many stained glass windows around the bottom of the dome.
What Lon really wanted to check out.
Waiting for his turn. They did it a little different. You paid your tickets, and got about 10 minutes inside the bouncey house.  That was pretty cool!
Lon having so much fun inside the boucey house.

I let Daddy watch him have fun and I walked around one last time.
We got a tray of pastries to take home with us. They are very yummy!
It was a good day!

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