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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bee City!

When Mark and Lon went camping, they heard about a place just down the road called Bee City. Sounded like something fun. Today was the day to go check it out.
When we paid our entrance fee, we also bought food for the lemurs and monkeys, the cows, donkeys and llamas. There was also a baggie for the aviary birds.
Feeding the Lemurs.  We were pretty sure one was named Julian.

Brown Lemurs! They had the softest paws. They would grab your hand and pull it closer so they could eat out of your hand.
A Cavie.

Bee City!
Just two prairie dogs!  Brought back memories of Devil's Tower!
All the kids got their picture taken on the fiberglass horses.
We went  into the aviary. We broke off bits of the feed and put it in our hands. WOW. The little birds just flocked to us.
One tip for next time is to not have any of the other cups of food with us. The little birds wanted that too!
At one point I had 8 little birds on my hand.

This was more fun than I expected it to be
Little Yellow Bird
I was having a great time with the little birds.
Lon fed the little birds on one of the trays. He was a bit nervous to have them on his hand. Maybe next time.
Feeding the goats!
Brand New Baby Goat.  There were two.  One of the little human girls wanted to know why they did not want any of the food she was trying to give them.  I am thinking they are just too little yet.
Inside the nature house. It did not smell like the reptile house in Monroe.  There was really not a noticeable smell inside.
But there were crocodiles. and spiders. and snakes.
There were baby Sulcata Tortoise too
This is as close the the alligator as Lon wanted to get.  The gator was about 5. They grow slow. This one was hatched in captivity, so this is his life.
A Koi Pond! Beautiful fish
We went into the Bee Center and saw a hive. Lon thought it was pretty cool. He looked for the Queen. It was pretty amazing.  Lots of bees doing there thing.  They had a pipe that led to the outside, so the bees could come and go.
 A fiberglass warthog and dinosaur!
We did get some honey. Mark was looking for honey comb and they did not have any out. Just as we were about to leave, they started restocking the shelf.  We got a nice piece of honey comb too.

It was fun. I am happy we went.

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