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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Rite Of Election

This morning we got up at our usual Sunday time. We took Lon to his Faith Formation class, he did not want to skip today. We went to Charleston directly after that!
We all decided we were hungry and the first place we saw that looked good to all of us was Bocci's. It is an Italian restaurant.
Lon got a pizza, with pepperoni and basil. The chef did not put basil on the pizza thinking it was a mis print. No kid wants basil on his pizza. We sent it back to have him put basil on it. Lon ate a little more than half a plate sized pizza.
It was good pizza
Getting in a little bit of Daddy cuddle
Waiting for Mom on the corner of the Market.
Lon and I went into the Moon Pie Store. Lon picked out only one moon pie!  Mark stayed out in the nice sunshine.
We stopped at another candy shop. I bought Lon a cashew turtle. They had the plastic buckets for ice cream, the same size as from the Tillamook creamery. I got one from there and I have some sewing trims in it.  I asked if the buckets were for sale. He said no, but I could have one it I wanted. I did. Mark took it back to the car for me.
One back out in the sunshine, we found a face in the hole, and of course we had to do this!

There will be some beauty shots of town laced into the blog!

We passed a toy store, and in we had to go. This store specializes in Kapla blocks. They are more planks than blocks. Lon liked building with them.
This was second Sunday, so King street was closed to car traffic. They had buskers of all sorts, food trucks too!  This juggler took some time to talk to Lon and let him play with his juggling equipment.   He was a nice guy.

Studying a boot cleaner
The Cathedral Steeple

The Cathedral. Our destination for today!
There will be some pictures of the interior of the Cathedral. We got there a little early, so we could get a seat. We could not sit with Mark.
He is making his Rite of Election today. He is on his way to converting to Catholicism.  I am so very proud of him.

The Bishop processing in
It was not a full mass. There was no Eucharist. The fist, second reading, and the gospel.  Then the reading of the names.

Mr Tony reading off Mark's name
Mark standing up
The Rite of Election is now over.
Time for cake!
On the Cathedral grounds

Ghost sign.
Walking back to our car.
We did stop and get some ice cream on the way home.
The view looking behind us as we left Charleston!
It was a very good Sunday!

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