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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Family Expo

Saturday was the First Family Expo. It was held at the Convention Center in North Charleston.  
There was a lego table!
When we first walked in, there was a card Lon got for him to get stickers or a mark from 6 of the booths, and then he would be entered to win some great prizes!   Legos are a worthy distraction!
Pinewood Prep also had some building things. Lon  made a robot!
Tasty Creations was a place to stop and play with modeling chocolate.  They also would take a photo and then put it on a chocolate lollipop. I am not sure I could have eaten Lon's face.  So we gave that a pass. Lon could not get the blue warmed up enough in his hands to make anything, so he used it as a base for his creations. One he made a monster figure and the other one was a cat. They both looked great. He made a really good looking cat. Sadly we could not take it with us.
Yep, Big Joe is the mascot of Melvin's barbeque. Which is good. Three sauces, two are mustard based. Liked the dry rub! Lon did was not too much into trying the barbeque. Someday he will love it
They had cookies to frost and decorate with sprinkles. That was more Lon's idea of a good snack
Lon discovered the rainbow loom. We knew about them before, but I did not want to get one for him, thinking he might not like it. Well, he loves it. From that point on,  Lon wanted me to go to Micheals to get him one !
On the other side of the hall was another Lego building table. Mark got in on the lego fun too!

Working hard on his creation
Lon and the South Carolina Aquarium Otter.
We have the Aquarium on our list of things yet to do.
It was time to go home, we were going to Saturday evening Mass since we have a busy day on Sunday!

After Mass, we checked out yet another Chinese place. Still not one we want to go back to.
We will keep looking!

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