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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Camporall at the Yorktown

I read about this upcoming event! It sounded great!  The last few years, they have actually slept on the ship. THAT would have been so cool, however this time, they were already booked with a group sleeping on aboard. The boys were going to be sleeping in tents in the parking lot. Lon and Mark just signed up for the day of events.  Mark took some pictures of what they did. He did not take photos of the bb guns, wrist rockets or pinewood derby events.
They got to explore some places we had not seen before. Like the Navy Yard next door.
Goofy fly boy
The Yorktown
Boarding. Some of the scouts walked the Ravenel Bridge.  Mark and Lon got to the starting point 4 minutes late and were not allowed to walk.

The rest of the photos are going to be Lon explores the ship.

The skeleton in the brig!

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