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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Mommy's Trip Around Charleston

While the boys were doing fun things on the Yorktown, I went first to a quilt show.
I like this quilt. I can see possibilities here
this one was good. I think I would have liked it bigger, then I looked closer at it.
Most of the quilting was done over in beads.
That was a ton of work, it looked wonderful!
I found parking near King Street, which is where I wanted to go. I was going to see the Williams Sonoma store to check on getting another pan.
I did not like the pans I saw, so I just bought some Oregon Sea Salt. They seemed a bit put off by me just buying salt.  I then discovered they have a Le Crueset store!  I walked in, they greeted me, a very nice lady name Martine asked me what I was looking for and why. I told her I wanted a small skillet just to cook a couple scambled eggs for Lon. She found me a perfect pan! It was not a small skillet, it was slightly bigger. It is exactly what I needed to get!  Then I was off to find this stationer's store I had heard about.  The following pictures are of the things I saw on my meandering walk all over downtown.  I never made it to the market, I must have walked around it. I did find the stationers. She was closed to attend a wedding.  I got turned around a couple times, not used to the water being on the other side. I walked down King, across Queen, down  Church Street, to East Bay, through the Battery, to the start of King. Then back to the end of King where I parked the car.

This now concludes my ramble around Charleston. I will go back and do this again.

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