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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Today was a great fun day!
This morning at school, we had a pumpkin carving activity. The kids each drew a face, on their paper, then we took elements from each one and put it on the pumpkin.
We had to weigh the pumpkin, weight the seeds, weigh the pumpkin without the seeds and guts. and weigh it after we carved it. We had to guess how many seeds were in the pumpkin.  There were only 208 in ours.  One pumpkin had 500 seeds! YUMMY!
I am going to roast them and bring them back to class for Friday snack

My group of boys with their pumpkin.
After carving the kids got a sheet of fun puzzles to work on.
They had a little writing time, then recess and lunch. When they came in from lunch, it was time to get into their costumes for the traditional parade through school!  Lon was ready!
There were TWO Darth Vaders in class!
This is really a fun day!
I snuck back to the room and got the party table set up!  We had some great treats!
We had the kids come up by groups and get their treats. Once they had them, I read them the story Too Many Pumpkins. I think they liked it. One of the roving photographers said it was the most quiet class in the school. Everyone was paying attention and enjoying their snacks!
Yes, I put little pumpkin faces on the satsumas. The kids thought that was pretty cool.
Lon waited, more patiently than last year, for it to be dark enough to go out trick or treating!  FINALLY we went out at 6. Right after our first trick or treaters came to the door. Sarah and her sisters. They are so cute.
Lon being serious with his pumpkin!
Lon is getting almost as tall as the pumpkin!
and our giant cat!
We went to one cul de sac across the street, but it started to rain! We went back home and got the giant umbrella, thus ensuring it would not rain again. I used the umbrella as my walking stick.
We went all the way around our block. We ran into lots of people we knew,  and took a long time!  It was really fun, walking and talking. I liked the part best where it was just me and Lon walking and talking. I think I have a pretty great kid!
We went to one house where an older gentleman lived, he told Lon Thank you for dressing up for my birthday! Lon thought that was pretty funny. When we were walking away, Lon looks at me and says, Mom, we have to remember this house so we can bring him a card next year.
One of our neighbors yard display. How cool is that?
That pumpkin got FULL!  It was a pretty light year for trick or treaters, not many kids out. So people were giving away handfuls of candy. Lon was not about to say, no I just want one.

Yes, two GIANT pixie sticks! a few full size candy bars too. Someone gave Lon three bags of pistachios too. Daddy wanted those!
Lon was able to sort his candy and then it was bed time. He only got a couple things he could not eat, like dots and tootsie rolls, and mommy's favorite carmel apple lollipop! He also was given two pencils, and a light/whistle combination.
It is going to take a long time for him to eat all this candy!
Lon went upstairs, brushed his teeth, climbed into bed and was asleep in about 3 minutes.
It was a good Halloween

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

Tonight Lon and I carved the pumpkins we got at The Farm.  Lon's pumpkin had almost no seeds. Oh no! I will have to get another pumpkin!
This year Lon wanted to carve his own pumpkin. So I let him.

Drawing the face on the pumpkin
Using the pumpkin master carving tools. they are not that sharp and fairly easy to use!
He wanted no help from me at all!  He did it all himself, the drawing, the carving, everything but scooping out the seeds!
Pulling out the last bit of the mouth!
So proud of his pumpkin!  it is really cute

Our First Den Meeting

On Monday night,  Lon had his first den meeting as Wolves!
7 boys in our new Den!
The first order of business was to go over the law, promise and motto. They remembered it from last year!
Then we did our first requirement! Feats of skill!
A forward roll, other wise known as a somersault
Playing catch. We need to work on that. But, so do most of the other boys
Lon walked a line, forward and backward. Then forward and backward crab walks.  Lon was the last one in on that. But he never gave up, he finished the task.  I was proud of him for that.
It wore him out!  This den is going to be lots of fun!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trick or Treat on Sunday

There was some discussion on if there was going to be Trick or Treating downtown on Sunday or just on Halloween.  We found out there was indeed trick or treating today!  We went down early to meet up with Grace and her parents.
Lon in his costume. I feel sort of bad I did not make it, but that is okay. Lon picked it out and loves it. He had to borrow my gloves since the costume did not come with them.  Lon wanted to put on his costume about 10am. We were not meeting Grace until 2pm
Lon Vader! Downtown, Kirkland
With Pirate Grace!
Lon and Grace down by the water. Trick or Treat did not start till 3:30.  It was, get there early, play and get parking or be there later, not get parking and get frustrated.

Playing on the kids
Lon is having way too much fun with the light saber
 Having fun
Down by the water
He wanted to look menacing.
We stopped by Sur La Table. Found some nice things that I would love to have, but we left them there.  We talked to the gentleman selling the Nespresso machines. We got to try some of the great coffee!
It was forever! Then it was finally time to trick or treat!
Getting just candy at Starbucks. We were sort of hoping for a drink ticket like last year, but no.
A few of the stores wanted photos of  Lon Vader and Pirate Grace.  It was fun
Near the fountain
Devil Dog, Ghost Cow, Pirate Grace and Vader Lon
We hit all the stores with the proper sign in the window, got all the candy they could carry. Then it was time to go home and get some dinner!
The kids played with playmobile while they waited for their pasta and cheese. The grownups has ribs and pasta.
Megan brought us a chicken too! Pirates eat like that, so it is okay.
It was a fun day. Lon scored a gallon baggie full of candy, a new toothbrush and toothpaste too.

Country Village on Saturday

We had not been to country village in a long time! So we took time on Saturday to go out there. It has changed a little since we were there last. It was fun
Captain Pumpkin!
We stopped by Toys that Teach, a very fun local toy store. We bought a present for a birthday party next week. Lon was a bit disappointed that we did not get a toy for him.  But he still had fun playing in the play area
Hiding from the rain
Lon liked the free roaming chickens. Daddy found the hobby shop in a train car and I found the fabric store, the bead store and the Indian import store! Yipppeeee! But we did not buy any toys for us either. It was all just to look
Trying to find the ducks. They were there, just they were not out in the rain
We decided we had enough of walking in the rain, and we went to Bentos for lunch

Who is that behind the paper?
Lon! Wearing Daddy's glasses!
Even though it rained, it was a fun day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mommy goes out!

At the last minute, I was able to get a ticket for the Jimmy Buffett concert! Thank you to Rochelle for that!
She even drove!
The view coming into Seattle
Our view as they were setting up the stage. I had never been in a suite before. That was so cool!
Filling up!
Rochelle as the music is starting
Jimmy Buffett opened the concert with One Particular Harbor!
Yep, that's him! It has been 9 years since he was here and I missed the last concert!!
The jumbo trons for Son of a Son of a Sailor.
He also had mermaids from Weekie Watchie! They are still open down in Florida. Maybe I can take Lon there when we go.
Getting toward the end of the concert, the beach balls were landing on the stage
They did a five song encore!
Ending the concert with He Went to Paris. Just Jimmy Buffett and his guitar.
Safe to say we all had fun!

Since I started with the Space Needle, I should end with it.
I walked in my door at 12:03am. I think Lon would have had fun, but would have been asleep in spite of himself.  Maybe next time
Mommy enjoyed her night out. ALOT!