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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sheep Shearing

On May 6th Middleton Place has their annual sheep shearing!  We always enjoy it

My magnificent parking job!  

I did take lots of scenery pictures, but I won't post many of them. I have posted a lot of them before!

He was posing for pictures, but he would not flare out his tail.  

The entire fleece. They try to get it off in one piece.

I think all children look at their mothers like that.

Sheep Shearing as it was done in colonial times. They are using shears!  The sheep were not fighting it too much.

The ladies at the end of the Stable Row were dying with Indigo.
The fire had gone out and they were not sure how to start up another fire.
Lon, the boy scout,  to the rescue!  He gathered kindling, made the log cabin with the bigger pieces of wood.
The fire was restarted, the temperature in the kettle got up to the optimal temperature to dye wool.
A good deed done for the day

We love the goats.  The brown one, we have known him since he was born, and the black one was new to us this trip.

This one never moved from this spot.

I did not get pictures of the cashmere goats I like so much. They were a bit miffed that the sheep were getting almost all the attention.  One of the girls stayed in her shed, the friendlier one did come out when I talked to her.  Petting the cashmere goats is a wonderful thing, our hands are so soft!

Only 4 gators spotted this trip.

The mini rice field is starting to grow.

okay, one beauty shot

The sundial was correct with the time!  Lon was impressed.

It was a fun afternoon at Middleton Place.

If you are wondering if I got out of the parking spot without damaging the car, I did. No scrapes or bruises on the car. Whew!

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