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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter!

Getting ready to hunt Easter Eggs!

We stuffed them with fun things and chocolates.

I was not sure we were going to have the Easter Egg hunt this year as Lon is getting bigger. I was then informed that no one is too big to hunt for candy stuffed eggs!

Or too little

The kids gathered up the eggs so fast the chocolate did not have time to melt!

A few pictures of the yummies we had!

I missed the green coconut nests you could buy, so I made them. They turned out exactly like I hoped they would!

Scalloped potatoes and homemade kielbasa!

Asparagus and hollandase sauce

The main table of yummies!

we had a lot of food, but there was very little leftover!

The very end of the party. Winding down

It was a very fun day, lots of great people to help us celebrate Easter!

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