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Thursday, May 25, 2017


Tonight, Thursday, May 25, we went to the Alston Middle School Awards Ceremony.  Lon did not tell us he was getting any awards until Tuesday.   I thought it was something like the A/B honor roll all four quarters. Nope, that is not an award at all.
There are lots of awards up there

Lon's first award was for being the outstanding 6th grade boy in his core elective class. There is one boy and one girl chosen from each core elective by grade.  This is really big.
His core elective is visual arts.  This is the elective path they will keep all through middle school and probably into high school.  Lon chose visual arts because he could learn a lot of different art techniques.  Things like drawing, sculpting, photography, graphic design, etc.

His next two awards were for Robotics, making the team and his third place award for the Reflections competition.

We are very proud of him!

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