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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Well, sort of. More of an ice storm, but school was canceled for today! Yesterday since the weather was turning bad, they released the kids at 10:30am!  It is chilly, and very very slippery! The bridges are all pretty much closed. Stores are not opening.
Lon, of course, wanted to play as soon as he woke up. An icicle he found!
Getting icicles off the mail box. The mail did arrive today, but the garbage was not picked up!
The ice on my car. If my missing camera is in the car, it is going to stay there for a while
Lon pulling off icicles from the cars
Lon is getting a little chilled, but those are pretty cool icicles!
Mark's poor Pindo palm. it is all coated in ice. Lon is pulling some of it off. He likes the look that the ice has with the pattern of the palm
Ice on the palm.
Tonight it is supposed to get into the upper teens, so the roads should be a lot of fun in the morning! They just called another snow day for the kids. Lon does not know yet.

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