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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Palm Tree

Mark wanted a palm tree since we moved in. When we saw them for sale at the home show, we bought one. It was to be installed today.
Disaster! We hit not one, but all three of the irrigation pipes! By hit, I mean put the shovel right through them.  Water was everywhere! We had to shut the water off at the street, since we could not figure out how to shut the water off for just the irrigation. That is something perhaps we should figure out!
Yes, it is cold, about 38 degrees,
Fixing the pipes. They had to go and buy lengths of pipe and elbows. The cashier at Lowes did not see the pipe glue, so I had to run back to Lowes to get some. The cashier did remember the guys, but did not have any clue about pipe glue. I had to go look for it. There were no associates to help me figure out what I needed. A nice man who came to buy pipe insulation helped me buy what I needed. Then when I go up to pay, I waited in line, the lady in front of me was only buying a shelf. Fairly quick. My turn, the cashier leaves her station ant goes and talks to two other cashiers who left their stations.  It was a very important conversation I am sure. Took about 5 minutes. All the other cashiers had lines, so moving to another line would have taken longer. I did say something and they just looked at me and kept talking to each other.  I am not impressed with Lowes. But it was the place the guys went, and we thought they would have the glue right there on the counter where it got left.   Not my hardware store of choice.

The pipes are so close to the surface!
They are now fixed!
Finally, time to put in the palm!
A fast run up over the curb!
Into the hole!
All the boys helping put the dirt back around the palm!
Making it look nice!
Ta-Da! The rope it cut! The Pindo palm is free !
The view from the street.
It looks good and the water seems to still be in the pipes!
That was enough adventure for today

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Levi Eslinger said...

That was quick acting! It's a good thing you were able reverse and fix the disaster with the irrigation pipes, though it took a lot of effort with the trips to the store and all. In the end, the palm looked glorious, which more than testifies to the wonderful job you guys did with the installation. Stay safe!

Levi @