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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Baby Gym

Today, Lon and I went up to the Kirkland Community Center for our first class. Toddlers in Motion. At first, Lon was saying, NONONO I do not want to be here, why are we here, what is going on? Then, it was, hmmm, there are other people my size here. Lastly, NONONO I do not want to go home, I want to stay here, why can't we stay here?

Tunnels, those are fun!

A new use for pool noodles. The kids ran around with them, two of the boys used them as jousting lances.

The balance beam was really fun! The class has 5 little ones, all about 18 months old. 2 girls and three boys, including Lon. We walked up to the center, then over to the drug store for a cookie! The weather is turning more spring like, we saw crocus flowers today! Lon and I have gone out for good long walks for the past three days. It is so nice to be outside! Next Thursday we go back to the Toddler Gym! This is fun.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Finally, a Saturday in the Park

Finally the weather has been nice enough for us to go spend a little time at Juanita Park. They still had trees down from our big wind storm in late November. I counted 8 trees down. Most of them have been cleaned up.

Lon was not so sure about the slide, he liked to climb up to the slide, but sliding down was not going to happen on this trip.

It was fun being up so tall, looking at everything!

Lon and his new friend.

Lon's new friend brought her dog, Daisy. Daisy is a very nice dog. She has a jeweled collar, with daisies on it, of course.

Lon found a walking stick! There is no stopping him now!

Back to the rock wall. Which is still the best thing ever.

After a good time playing we warmed up at the Thai restaurant. The waitress drew Lon a picture to color! Wow. Very cool. Lon likes the water from a straw.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stir Crazy Monday

By Monday Lon and I needed to get outside. Cold or no Cold. We bundled up, and out we went. Lon got some great trucks from his cousin. Since they are all plastic, they are perfect for the snow! Best of all, they are super fun!
Let's see what is over this way.

Are you coming?

I am going in! That evening, Lon fell asleep at 6pm and did not wake up till 8am ! Poor little guy!

He did have fun in the snow.

Weekend of Snow

The weekend was mainly spent inside as it was COLD and snowy. Low temperatures were into the teens-- 15 degrees when I woke up in the morning! Mark made a giant roast beast sandwhich, and Lon thought it looked mighty tasty!


Can you spot both ravens in the tree?

Building Project

After a healthy, although messy breakfast Lon and I got to work!

We missed GiGi and Grandma VERY much, we had to do something to keep our minds active. We still had the big box of wagon to build. I did not get pictures of us actually building the wagon. Lon helped. It just required a hammer to make sure all the parts fit together. Lon pounded the parts after I figured out how to make them go together. Auntie KK was helpful too, her long distance advice was great. Small washers go on the front wheels. She was right, no rattle in the wagon that way!

Lon is checking out the finished product.

He can sit in it, with the backs up, or move them down to haul things around!

After building, we made sure the little birds had food in the snow.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

January Snow

Now we are back to Snow Days. The night before Grandma and GiGi had to go home it snowed. It also got COLD. Mark took the previous posted picture last Wednesday night. (the 10th)
This is what the snow looked like the morning of the 11th.

This is the day we needed to get Grandma and GiGi to the airport, 25 miles down the freeway. We watched the news, the airport was still operating. No closures there. Rats. Lon and I were hoping they could stay longer.

Grandma helps Lon into his new REI winter mittens. She already helped Lon into his new REI winter boots. They are so nice. Felt liners even! No cold feet for this kid!

Now Lon is all ready for the snow.

He is not so sure about this stuff. (I still have the table and chairs in the high wind positions, the table is now frozen to the deck)

Okay, Lon is done with this snow adventure. Time to get Grandma and GiGi to the airport. We left very early. Good thing too. There was a big wreck that made the freeway very slow. We got them there in time. Barely. They had an uneventful flight. We are sad they are no longer here.

Going to the Doctor with Grandma

While Grandma was here she had a doctor's appointment to get her hip checked out. We all got to go. The view from the top of the Nordstrom Tower is pretty impressive. Lon seemed to like running down the hall, into the office, touching GiGi and starting over again!

The long hallway outside the office. It is a treat for me to go to this doctor, I get to see some wonderful views of the city.

After we got home, (after the doctor, we went to lunch, did some errands, etc) Grandma was worn out! Lon decided to make sure she had something to play with when she woke up. He gave her only the best toys. (sorry Mom I had to post this picture)

The next day, the 9th, (I am trying to catch up) We had Lon's doctor's appointment. Lon is doing great medically! He is meeting and exceeding all his developmental goals, he is in the 95% for height and still the 5% for weight. BUT he did gain 9 ounces over the last 6 weeks. I laughed and told the doctor it was Christmas, and he got some extra cookies. She told me not to laugh those cookies were great! (Lon and I made a plate of all the cookies we baked and brought them up to the office) Also, the mini peanut butter cups are okay. They have fat and some protein, which is what we want. So we are looking for high fat, high protein foods. Other than being skinny, Lon is doing wonderfully.

Me and My GiGi!

Mark got some chocolates over Christmas Break and Lon shares them with GiGi. Lon loves hanging out with GiGi!

The next morning, they made a paper hat! He was happy