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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Revolutionary Saturday! Part Two Francis Marion's Grave

Our Second stop on our day out was Francis Marion's Grave Site.

The long road to the grave site

The plantaion house  was torn down in 1927, the final pictures of it look like it really could not be saved.

There are two Belle Isle Plantations in this part of South Carolina. This is the one in Pineville, and  not Georgetown.

I will let you read the signage that follows

The grave of the Swamp Fox
There are other family members buried behind the monument.

There is a lot of information about Francis Marion out there, and even the synopsis of his life is way to big for a history bit!

 It looks very peaceful out there.

Dogwood! I had not noticed much dogwood near our house.

The river of pollen in the parking area.  Lon is not impressed.

It was worth the visit to see it, I am glad we stopped

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