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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Revolutionary Saturday, the final installment

After lunch we thought it was too early to head back home. We had heard of Santee Cooper Park, we have seen their Christmas light displays. Seeing it during the day would be fun.

As we walked in,  we noticed that there was a literary festival going on, but it was almost over. Darn it

All that color on the water is pollen. Still so much Pollen!

The entrance to the museum is one of the old canal locks

I liked how the old lock was used

 The Little David, a torpedo boat.

It was interesting learning about it.

The history bits about it so far have been too long to include.  I will keep looking

Lon spotted this walkway from the museum, of course he had to go check it out

Such a pretty day. There is an Osprey nest in the big tee!

 There are turtles!

and cypress knees

The trail system. Lon wants to come back and do the entire trail.  There are also canoes you can rent. Sounds like a great thing to do this summer!

Are those my boys on the bridge?

Yes, yes they are!

We went into the museum. What a great little gem!

This is the old jail door.

Did you know there were parts of Berkley County that did not get electricity until well into the 1960s?

A monster cat fish. 105 pounds!

After our time in the park, we went to the Piggly Wiggly in Monk's Corner.

Our last stop of the day was TCBY.  mmmmm, frozen yogurt.  Lon got chocolate with lots of fun toppings, I had butter pecan with fruit, and Mark had three flavors with chopped up andes mints on top.


It was a fun day! So nice to get out of the house!

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