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Monday, September 26, 2016

Catholic Camper-All

This weekend was the Catholic Camper-All.  Since we are chartered through St. Theresa's and we are catholic, Lon and Mark went on this campout!
It was a camper-all so it was open to many different Troops, girl scouts too!

8 scouts from our troop went. Three adults also

Lon LOVED rifle. It was the first time he shot a rifle. He hit the target 8 out of 10 rounds.  Nice Job !

Some of the boys from Lon's troop on the firing line.

Doing his best

One of the other camp activities was building an A frame.  Since Lon was the lightest scout, he was the one to ride it

Ax throwing.  Lon hit the target.

Lon also fired a shot gun.  He did not like it as much as rifle, he has a pretty good shoulder bruise.   We will work on getting better.

The camping trip was a fun for the boys! And Mark. They had a good time.

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