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Monday, September 12, 2016

Boeing IT picnic!

Last year the annual IT picnic was at the Citadel Beach Club.  Sadly, the Beach Club burned down, I think they are trying to rebuild, but it was not going to be done for the picnic this year.  This year the picnic was held at Riverfront Park. On the Cooper River.

At the fountain

Too bad we did not bring change of clothes.

Lon is growing up, he only did one tour of the bouncey obstacle course

 Boeing in the 70s.  The computers were HUGE!

The map of the world, with  some of the different airline companies that fly Boeing aircraft.  The holes are for kids to fly their paper airplanes.

Making his airplane!

I could not get a photo, Lon did fly his airplane though one of the holes.

Airplane races! Lon won for the glory!

Picking out his cup and airplane for his snow globe

Coloring in his straw rocket.  The crayons were starting to melt. I hope next year they find colored pencils if they are going to be outside.
It was starting to get hot. Low 90s

 His snow globe!

Gold and red glitter

He made some baskets!

Getting ready for the photo booth!

Chillin while Mom tries the funnel cake fries

Playing with the gyro thingy.  It was getting really uncomfortably hot for us.

On our way out we got a snow cone. That was really nice this year!

We stopped by C.H.O.P. on our way home. We do not even need a menu anymore.
 It was nice to get into the air conditioning and a cold drink!

It was a fun day!  Even though it got hot, we enjoyed the picnic.

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