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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Crossing Over to Boy Scouts

Saturday Night was Lon's last Blue and Gold.   We had a spaghetti feast at the Methodist Church hall.  
Lon helped with the flag ceremony.

One of his last photos as a Cub Scout.

Their goofy skit. They had a lot of fun doing it

A wider shot of their skit. All the boys got to be involved. LOTS of giggles as they made their way through it

A parent had to come up with the boys for the arrow of light presentation.  Mark got to take pictures.
watching and learning

Lon's Arrow of Light. I made his and one other boys.

Crossing over.
At the end of the bridge he is welcomed into Troop 788.

Getting his new neckerchief.

One last salute to his cub scout leaders

Lon is a Boy Scout

Surprise!  Mark was committee secretary for 2 years, and he was honored with a plaque and a gift card!  He was very surprised. I was not told they were doing this.  This was very nice of them.

The Blue and Gold is over. Lon is showing what it means to be a Boy Scout. He was helping clean up.  Way to go Lon!

We did make time for a photo with our favorite den leader!  Yay for Ms. Crystal!

Celebratory Ice Cream!

Our boy is growing up. Ready or not, it is going to happen!

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