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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Colonial Days at Fort Dorchester

Saturday morning,  we picked up Lon from his sleep over and went to Colonial Days. Last year it was not crowded at all, this year we were lucky to get parking! It was packed. I am glad there were more people.  I hope this means they will continue the event for many more years to come

The encampment

This excavation has been going on for 6 years. they are finding lots of wonderful things in this dig site. While we were talking to one of the diggers, he found a colonial nail and let Lon touch it and hold it.  The first time it had been out of the ground in over 200 years. That was really cool.

Lon and Dad went back to the car to get Lon's sweater. It was still a little chilly in the morning.

Lon enlists in the army. The King's army, as the colonist had yet to start the rebellion.

Formation is not exactly the straightest line

The Captain will make them into soldiers!

This gentleman was very funny, it was a pleasure to listen to him

Teaching them to wheel.

Huzzah! Fix bayonets!

Lon had a fun time being in the Army. They were given a wooden coin that was theirs to keep. They not allowed to keep the wooden rifle.

Signing up for the army! Now he gets his pay, and a brochure on summer camps.  I will look into the camps, one might be fun!

The toymakers arrived!  Lon is playing with the chicken man. You squeeze the bottom and he does flips.

The walking man is harder  than it looks. Lon got it to work only a couple times

The buzz saw.

We had a great time at Colonial Days.

Looking forward to next year.

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