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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Santa Picture Day!

Lon and I have a tradition, on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, we  make our only trip to the mall. We get Santa photos, do what ever mall shopping we have planned, have lunch and spend the day together.  Lon gets to play hookey for a day.  It is good for all of us! We got ready to go and we were on our way
First stop was Santa photos. But they do not allow personal cameras there, so I will post the photo soon. Lon looks like he is up to something
Lon was too excited to eat at home! Our second stop was at Cinnabon. Oh so yummy, but not inexpensive!  Lon enjoyed TWO mini bons, and  raspberry lemonade.  He took off his sweater to keep it nice.
Lego store! We could not delay that one any longer!  On our way there we passed a cute little shop and got a fun present for Auntie Karen. I hope she likes it.  They did not have the BIG Lego that Lon wanted in stock, we got a lead on where it might be hiding.
 Since we went to the Lego store,  we also went to Williams-Sonoma.  Mommy's play store!  We looked for wooden spoons for Aunt Karen, since she asked for them, but the only ones they had were almost 30 dollars each. I thought that maybe I would find nice ones that were something she could use. They were works of art, not something to stir sauce with.
At Cost Plus, Lon got a light up blinking nose!  The lady's at See's candies were impressed.   Lon got his favorite chocolates, mochas!  I got a couple of my favorites too, rum nougats!
Pizza at Zeke's! Always Lon's choice on where we eat lunch. We ordered two slices and a half salad. They were going to bring them out to us since the cheese pizza was still in the oven. Well, we waited, and waited. It took about 15 minutes of waiting. Then the manager delivered a pie to someone else's table and noticed we had no pizza.  She brought us our slices, asked for my receipt, and then brought my salad. I thought she was just verifiying what we ordered. No, she was not. She refunded our entire lunch. That was really nice of her.  I was not complaining, neither was Lon. we were just super happy to get our pizza!
Are you sure there is no candy in here?
Lon and I walked down to Sur La Table, to see what they had. They had pretty, functional wooden spoons from France! The best part is, they were not 30 dollars each!  Lon kept putting in cookie cutters into the basket and I kept telling him we have enough cookie cutters.  He is of the firm belief we need more!
Our last stop of the day was Fred Meyer for the Lego from Grammalyn. I knew it was there.  Lon is happy he is getting that one. No, he does not know all his presents. He just wanted to make sure that he was getting that one. He did ask Santa for the Death Star Lego. He told him he wanted nothing else but the Death Star.  He said, mommy and daddy, his Aunt, and his Grandmas were getting him some good stuff, so all he needed from Santa was the Death Star.  Santa will make that happen!
When we came home, Lon got to go up on the garage roof with me to hang lights around his windows.  That was also a good part of his day, he loves going up there with me.
We had a very fun day, playing, talking, eating, doing more window shopping than actual buying, which is more fun!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was a beautiful day! We were able to share our table with some good friends.
Pretty table
Kid's table. We really have kids big enough to sit at a kid's table!
Getting ready to feast!
The Bird. He turned out gorgeous!  Also very tasty
Mark took over the carving.
Lon and Kayla, playing air hockey, waiting for their dinner
Brian is watching! He is going to play the winner. He always beat Kayla, so she thinks he cheated. Lon told her he just might be a better player. Kayla was sticking to her theory.
 A toast to you!

The kids all tried the turkey, it was only so so. The rolls, pickles, corn and their pasta (which they all asked me to make) were bigger hits. Then they had ice cream for dessert.  The grown ups had pumpkin pie, pecan pie and mincemeat tarts!
We had a great time. Michelle took pictures with my camera, which was great! Thank you Michelle.
We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


Wednesday was a half day at school! And to make it even more fun, the second graders had a bug stay in field trip!
They broke the three classes into two groups. Lon was in the first group, and they went to a class room. The movie A Bug's Life. This was not strictly fun and games, they had to write out the differences they saw between real bugs and Pixar bugs.
Once we saw most of A Bug's Life, we traded classrooms. We heard a very fun talk about bugs from a special guest. (I will try and remember her name and where she is from)
The kids loved it!
Lon, who is not a big fan of bugs, enjoyed her talk
When her talk was over it was time for recess, or the kids could stay in and see more bugs.  The walking stick bugs were the ones she was showing and some headless tarantulas. (ew)
Lon was interested
Until she said they could touch them and was going to let them get up close and personal with Mr. Walking Stick.
Then it was time to go back to class and finish up a writing assignment.   I was no longer needed to help out, so I took the opportunity to run to the store and get the last copy of A Bug's Life so Lon could see the end of it. (I did not know they only had one copy when I walked into the store!) Lon thought I was the best mom. EVER.  (I love those moments)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Brian!

Today was a great day for a swim!  Brian's 6th birthday party was at the Y. They have a fun pool for the kids.
Lon and Daddy getting ready to go in the water. It was very warm inside
Goofy in goggles
Walking back from the hot tub. Lon is old enough for all hot tubs now. He thinks that is super cool
Under the mushroom falls
Now you know why it I called it mushroom falls. Lon swam around it, underwater,  he played in it. Everyone played in it
Uncle Chong having a great time in the pool
Going deeper in the water. Lon could not go down the big slide til he could prove he was a decent swimmer.  We will work on that.
Then it was pizza time! All the kids love pizza!
admiring the cake
Blowing out the candles.
It was a fun party. Lon had a great time.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Veteran's Day Assembly

Today was the Veteran's Day Assembly at school.  It was fun, the kids all sang songs, and they learned some of the history of Veteran's Day. How is was originally called Armistice Day in 1919, then in 1954 how it changed to Veteran's Day. The day now honors all that served our nation.
Waving at Mom when he walks in with his class. he wore his bomber coat and Coast Guard shirt for today!
The kids all sang the songs on the screen. They also sang the songs from each military service. Including the Coast Guard!  That made me happy.
Lon is sitting still and paying attention. !
A quick run over to give Mom a hug before getting in his class line
That made me happy too!
He made it back to be first in line!
The kids had to go back to class for 1/2 an hour
and a few of us Moms went out to wait in the covered area
Which is where we met Chubs.  This is one fat squirrel.  He rubbed against my back as he walked down the brick wall we were sitting on.  I had brought in a plate of snickers brownies to share. I used Lon's Halloween candy. I got to bake and use up candy and it did not stay in the house!
This squirrel had no fear of people, he wanted a brownie. He wanted it NOW.  We tossed him some little bits, which he ate every bit just looking at us. Chubs ran off when I gave him a bigger bit.  When he was done, he looked over at us, I turned around and he ran straight at me!  I had to give him another bite. The bell rang and the kids came running out of school and he was gone up a tree!  I think he will be looking for me now.
As we were walking back to the car, one of Lon's friends said he was going to Dairy Queen.  Lon asked me if we could go too. I did not see a reason to say no.  It was fun. They listened to MineCraft Gangman style. Which was funny.
Then it was time to go home and pick up the popcorn for delivery!  Yippeee!
It was a fun day!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

A Happy Birthday Party and Craft Fairs

This morning we went to Jojo's 4th Birthday Party.
It was a Mario Pizza Party!  Everyone got into the act!
There was much playing! It was really a fun party!

The boys were playing with Legos!
Lon got some stars for his head.
From the fun party we went to the Red Ribbons and Reindeer craft show at the Hollywood in Woodinville. They had some wonderful stuff there, Mark bought some presents. (yes, Mark bought)
We explored the building, upstairs they had a nice balcony over looking the gardens.
On the way home we saw a sign for another craft show.  So we went. We enjoyed it.
Next weekend we have a couple more craft shows we want to see!